How to spend 9 months creating a birth announcement

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher in a New York Central Park selfie
A selfie in NYC’s Central Park

It’s You Babe loves uplifting stories about couples enjoying the time they spend together as their child is brought into being. One such couple recently achieved Internet fame with their creative efforts.

Tom Fletcher and his lovely wife, actress/author Giovanna, spent their first pregnancy photographing Buzz Michelangelo Fletcher as he developed. After his birth on March 13, 2014, they announced his arrival via YouTube to the cheers of their worldwide fans:

Marriage and Pregnancy in the Public Eye
Tom is the lead singer/songwriter for the British Pop Rock Band, McFly, and co-author of the children’s book, The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas,” which has sold 72,000 copies. His wedding speech in December, 2012, was a compilation of songs he penned for McFly with new lyrics and has been viewed by more than 12 million. Tom and Giovanna had a long courtship. They met in school when they were only 13 and their romance blossomed five years later. As a couple with ten years in the public eye, they have set the stage to be wonderful parents.

It’s You Babe wishes Tom and Giovanna well in their life together.

Enjoy Your Pregnancy
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