• V2 Supporter & PF Press
  • Made in Michigan, the PF Press & V2 Supporter are made from medical grade flannel backed elastics that anchor on
    the hips for adjustable compression to the pelvic floor, reducing painful pressure from vulvar varicosities, prolapsed bladder and prolapsed uterus.

    • The compression bridge is made of soft, flexible materials which adjust for a comfortable fit to relieve painful pressure.
    • The V2 Supporter is available in White and the PF Press comes in natural Gold/Beige.
  •      Pelvic floor supports
  •      Keeps vulvar varicosities from swelling
  •      Supports prolapsed bladder / uterus
V2 Supporter & PF Press
Choose size Hip Measurement
Petite 24-28″ 61-71 cm
Small 28-35″ 71-89 cm
Medium 36-44″ 91-112 cm
Large 45-54″ 114-137 cm