The perfect gift for moms-to-be this Christmas

Give moms-to-be and their little “Elf in the Self”™ good tidings of comfort and joy this Christmas

Give the gift of comfort and joy!Our It’s You Babe maternity supports are the perfect gift for active moms-to-be experiencing aches and pains that sometimes accompany pregnancy. If they need a little support for their growing tummy, our It’s You Babe Mini Cradle will serve them well when on their feet all day.

The It’s You Babe Prenatal Cradle line provides full support of the tummy, back and torso. Several designs available to meet the needs of every pregnant woman. Review all of our products on our website then place your order by December 15th to be sure your gift arrives in time to place it under the tree.

Buy now through It's You Babe's shopping cartPurchase our products through our own website or through most of the major online merchants, boutiques, and medical sources. If you’d prefer to shop locally, contact us and we’ll help you locate a retailer near you. Call us toll-free 1-877-661-9682 or email us at

“The Wait and the Reward”

The Wait and the Reward by Anna Rose Bain

"Self Portrait with Red Lipstick" by Anna Rose BainThis wonderful oil painting on linen caught our eye because it epitomizes the women we serve with our maternity supports.

Home-schooled then classically trained at Michigan’s own Hillsdale College, Anna Rose Bain resides with her husband, Steve, in Garland Texas now, but she was raised in Wisconsin. She writes on her Facebook page:

“Okay… I am putting this one out there. It’s a self portrait I started while pregnant (about 34 weeks), and couldn’t complete until little miss Cecelia arrived. The peek-a-boo bear in the bottom right-hand corner was my husband’s when he was a kid.”

You can see/purchase her original paintings at or purchase greeting cards and reproductions of “The Wait and the Reward” at

How to spend 9 months creating a birth announcement

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher in a New York Central Park selfie
A selfie in NYC’s Central Park

It’s You Babe loves uplifting stories about couples enjoying the time they spend together as their child is brought into being. One such couple recently achieved Internet fame with their creative efforts.

Tom Fletcher and his lovely wife, actress/author Giovanna, spent their first pregnancy photographing Buzz Michelangelo Fletcher as he developed. After his birth on March 13, 2014, they announced his arrival via YouTube to the cheers of their worldwide fans:

Marriage and Pregnancy in the Public Eye
Tom is the lead singer/songwriter for the British Pop Rock Band, McFly, and co-author of the children’s book, The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas,” which has sold 72,000 copies. His wedding speech in December, 2012, was a compilation of songs he penned for McFly with new lyrics and has been viewed by more than 12 million. Tom and Giovanna had a long courtship. They met in school when they were only 13 and their romance blossomed five years later. As a couple with ten years in the public eye, they have set the stage to be wonderful parents.

It’s You Babe wishes Tom and Giovanna well in their life together.

Enjoy Your Pregnancy
Our company provides maternity supports for pregnant women to help couples experience all of the joy expecting a child can bring. Our It’s You Babe products relieve the aches and pains sometimes felt during pregnancy so moms-to-be can remain active at work and play.

Reducing the Risk for Early Labor and Birth

March to Full Term: Babies need time to grow

More than 11% of babies born in the United States arrive before their due date. During the month of March we will be featuring ways to reduce the risk of preterm labor and birth as part of the March of Dimes’ March for Babies® campaign.

2013 BMC Top Choice for the It's You Babe Best CradleLearn more about reducing the risks of preterm labor and birth by following the recommendations offered by the March of Dimes.

Your healthcare professional may also suggest reducing the strain on your tummy with a maternity support. Consider using our award winning It’s You Babe Best Cradle or It’s You Babe Prenatal Cradle for a comfortable fit that surrounds and supports your entire tummy.

“Around 15 weeks into my twin pregnancy I developed vulvar varicosities and I knew that my growing belly would also become a problem. Now I’m almost 36 weeks and still wear my Prenatal Cradle Plus every day. When I take it off my contractions start up, so I know that it is taking weight off of my cervix, thus allowing me to carry these babies to a healthy point.

“I was so worried about preterm labor, but thanks to the Prenatal Cradle Plus that hasn’t been a problem. I haven’t needed bed rest and have been able to carry on my regular life and care for my toddler.

THANK YOU for such a great product!!!” – Megan

Many moms-to-be have found the benefits of our products include better circulation, more restful sleep, and added comfort throughout the day. Call us for more information and free brochures, 1-877-661-9682 Toll-Free in USA.

Your Baby’s First Valentine is from You

Your baby's first Valentine's Day card is from you

Mom to Babe, Heart to Heart
Eating well and taking good care of yourself during your pregnancy provides the essentials your unborn child needs to arrive healthy and strong. During Heart Health Month, give some thought to the bond between you and your baby sent through your circulatory system. If you’re lower extremities are swelling, talk with your healthcare professional to see if one of It’s You Babe’s medical grade pregnancy supports might relieve the pressure on veins bringing blood back to your heart.

I typically have large babies (over nine pounds) and the support that I get from the cradle is tremendous! The cradle takes the weight of the baby off my abdomen and eases the back pain. In my third trimester I definitely can tell the difference on the days I wear the cradle and the days I do not. I generally have so much less pain on the days I wear my cradle.

– Traci, MI

Good circulation is important for your baby’s growth and nutrition. Let us help you achieve optimum conditions for your pregnancy as you anticipate your little one smiling up at you as they present Valentine’s Day cards year after year.

Get involved with the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign.

It’s National Wear Red Day for Heart Health

It’s You Babe is proud to bring attention to National Wear Red Day, February 7. This is the tenth anniversary of the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women campaign. It’s helped women of all ages to become more aware of how to live a heart healthy life to avoid heart disease.

It's You Babe, Manufacturer of Pregnancy SupportsAs manufacturers of pregnancy supports, we’re happy to help moms-to-be find out more about heart risk factors and want to spread the word that our Best Cradle and Prenatal Cradles may help improve blood circulation as blood returns to the heart from the lower extremities, a reason pregnant women sometimes get swollen ankles, legs, and feet.

So wear red today but also become well read about heart health throughout this and every year in your future. Read all about the Go Red for Women campaign at

10 years of success with the Go Red for Women campaign

Heart to Heart: Mother’s Bond before Birth

Learn how The American Heart Association is
Encouraging Pregnant Women to stay heart healthy

A key to heart health during pregnancy is maintaining proper blood circulation.
It’s You Babe’s Best Cradle and Prenatal Cradles support the tummy to ease pressure on veins bringing blood to the heart. Swollen ankles, feet and legs can be reduced making pregnancy more comfortable for moms-to-be.

I am currently 7 months pregnant with twins and have been wearing the Best Cradle for 2 months so far. It has been a life saver! The support … has truly kept the swelling on my legs and ankles down. If I am not wearing the cradle I notice immediately! It has also allowed me to continue on with my daily schedule and the doctors have all stated how impressed they are with my progression for a twin pregnancy … Thank you so much for this amazing product!!
— Stephanie G. from Maryland

Discover theheart to heart connectionbetween mothers andunborn babies
from the University of RochesterMedical Center, New York

Learn more aboutGo Red for Women

It’s You Babe Maternity Supports are recommended by healthcare professionals to bring comfort and relief from aches and pains to moms-to-be:

Best Cradle
Prenatal Cradle
Prenatal Cradle Plus
Mini Cradle
Hip Brace
Hip V2 Supporter
V2 Supporter

Need Help Selecting a Product or Finding a Dealer Near You?Use the resources on our web site, email or call us. We’ll gladly help!

Tell Us Your StoryWe’d love to hear about your heart health during pregnancy. Your experience with our It’s You Babe maternity supports may help others find relief from medical conditions and pain. Leave a comment (below) we can share with other moms-to-be. Thank You!

Declare Independence from Painful Pregnancies!

American Flags

Declare Independence from pain during pregnancy
It’s You Babe pregnancy supports are favorites in the heat and humidity of summer and wherever pregnant moms need pain relief around the globe.

Our hand-crafted Prenatal Cradle® brand products redistribute the weight of growing babies  with superior fabrics and “fresh air tummy.” They bring cool comfort to moms-to-be.

“I noticed a positive difference right away”
Toddler with American FlagActive women find our carefully tailored garments move with them and enhance their mobility. Whether on their feet all day at work or tending children at home, moms find a reduction in pain making their pregnant months more enjoyable.

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