Vulvar Varicosities: A painful condition sometimes felt during pregnancy

Wait! Vulvar what?!

There are a lot of things we don’t learn about pregnancy until after we’re pregnant. I guess that’s when our moms and girl friends decide we’re ready for the scary and down-right just gross stuff. One of them is the possible development of varicose veins in the vulvar area, commonly known as vulvar varicosities.


It’s estimated that 10% of pregnant women will develop vulvar varicosities during pregnancy. They’ll most often occur during a second or third pregnancy and they can get progressively worse with each subsequent pregnancy. Unfortunately, the cause of this vulvar pain often goes undiagnosed. This is because many women choose not to talk to their doctor about the painful, embarrassing thing going on ‘down there’. Also, when you lay down on the exam table, the vulvar varicosities tend to subside so when the doctor gets a chance to take a look, these little stinkers are nowhere to be seen.

Fortunately, Christine Seering recognized there may be a way to relieve the pain caused by vulvar varicosities by designing a product that would apply pressure to the vaginal area. After months of research and consultation with her colleagues in the medical profession, Chris developed the V2 Supporter.

The V2 Supporter was designed for ease of use, comfort and the ability to provide extended pain relief. It’s small profile lays flat and comfortable against the skin, has adjustable compression and, much like other undergarments, slides on and off easily for those frequent trips to the bathroom.

Your V2 Supporter has been absolutely wonderful and a huge help for getting through my pregnancy… You truly have a wonderful product. – Kristen, mom of 3

When using the V2 Supporter for relief of Vulvar Varicosities it’s important to be sure to put the garment on first thing in the morning, if possible before you even get out of bed. It’s best IYB V2-Back-Close-Upto apply the pressure as soon as you can after standing up. This helps prevent the pooling of fluids which is what causes the veins to become distended and painful.

The good news, if there can be good news with this painful condition, is that for most women the vulvar varicosities subside after delivery and they generally do not interfere with the birth process.

Also used for Prolapse
Physical Therapists and OB/Gyns also recommend our V2 Supporter as an effective Pelvic Floor Therapy garment. The V2 Supporter has also been successful in helping women with prolapsed bladder, prolapsed uterus or for the feeling that ‘everything’s going to fall out the bottom’. For some women it has been used as an alternative to surgery. Others have used it adjunct to surgery to prevent painful swelling caused by these conditions.

Whatever your need is for the V2 Supporter, we hope you find it offers you a tremendous amount of relief and gets you back on your feet again.

At It’s You Babe, we recognize life should be enjoyed. That’s why we continue to develop products to help women find safe and effective relief from the aches and pains often felt during and after pregnancy. Find the relief you need with our It’s You Babe V2 Supporter.

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Christine Seering, RN
Manager and Product Designer at It’s You Babe, LLC
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Prenatal Cradle Plus: Pregnancy comfort for mountain climbers? Probably not.

The Matterhorn in the Pennine Alps

The Prenatal Cradle Plus may look intimidating, but pregnant women tell us they couldn’t live without it. Over and over again. Erika, from Baba G & Me, considers the Prenatal Cradle Plus one of her two pregnancy “must-haves,” but her initial reaction to it was amusing:

When I first saw it, I thought it was a sort of mountain-climbing gear for pregnant chicks. But no, it’s something that you actually need (if you were as uncomfortable as I was walking around, that is).

Her reaction changed once she wore it:

 After I put this thing on, I was extremely mad at myself for not buying one sooner. I would’ve been so much happier. It makes you feel like you’re more compact—that’s the best way I can describe it. During the first few months I was wearing it, I’d almost forget I was pregnant. Near the end of my pregnancy, I was never without it.

What do all the straps do?
The straps on the Prenatal Cradle Plus by It's You Babe surround the tummyThe flannel backed, medical grade elastic bands are designed to surround and support the entire tummy. The lower womb support band provides the gentle lift and support necessary to improve circulation and relieve pelvic pressure. The side expander bands support the pregnant tummy and reduce back and forth sway. They also relieve side pressure while turning from side to side in bed at night. Shoulder straps that criss-cross in front simply hold all the other support bands in place. They’re not weight bearing so they don’t stress the shoulders.

Adjustable straps allow you to comfortably provide the support you needThe PC Plus has a detachable compression bridge that offers relief from painful vulvar pressure and varicose veins. This breathable bridge velcros to the support band in front for easy release when going to the bathroom.

Two adjustable straps on the back allow you to easily find a comfortable amount of compression. Slipping this on in the morning can provide tremendous relief throughout the day.

The Cradle portion of the PC Plus can be worn alone for gentle support of your tummy, adding the V2 Bridge only when you need the vulvar compression to ease swelling, painful vulvar varicosities, or the “feeling that everything is going to fall out the bottom.”

I am in my second pregnancy and the pain started very early on… after wearing the prenatal cradle plus, I can walk without the pain and it is 90% pain free. I am 5′ 5″ and I bought size M/L and it fits perfectly. I’m wearing it everyday. This is a must have item if you have the pain. I am very glad that I purchased it!!!! Super!!!!

The features of the Prenatal Cradle Plus by It’s You Babe make it an ideal maternity support for women experiencing multiple aches and pains associated with pregnancy. We won’t endorse Baba G’s mountain climbing fantasy, but if your healthcare professional tells you it’s okay to climb the Matterhorn, we’ll be happy to post your selfie planting a flag at the peak on this blog. 🙂

It's You Babe, Manufacturer of Pregnancy SupportsIt’s You Babe would like to help you find the relief you need so you can have a more enjoyable pregnancy! Talk to your doctor or call us for more information on how our maternity support garments can help you ease the aches and pains often felt during pregnancy.

Matterhorn Photo Credit: The Hiker via Wikipedia

Busy mom finds the Prenatal Cradle offers tremendous support for her 9 pound babies!

“I have used the Prenatal Cradle by It’s You Babe for three out of my four pregnancies. I typically have large babies (over nine pounds) and the support that I get from the cradle is tremendous! The cradle takes the weight of the baby off my abdomen and eases the back pain. In my third trimester I definitely can tell the difference on the days I wear the cradle and the days I do not. I generally have so much less pain on the days I wear my cradle.” – Traci, MI

You can find out more about the Prenatal Cradle by visiting our website:

Busy mom carrying 4th child praises our Mini Cradle

After first pregnancies the muscles in our tummies don’t always return to normal.  As a result, subsequent pregnancies may take a greater toll on our already stretched out muscles.  Gently supporting the abdominal muscles during pregnancy provides the relief we need to stay active and keep up with those energetic little ones!

As a mom of three energetic boys, I am on the go and need extra support throughout the day. I appreciate the Mini Cradle in allowing my body to feel relieved as it takes pressure off as I go about my daily activities.  I would recommend the Mini Cradle to expecting mothers as a way to find support and comfort as you grow thru your pregnancy and deal with the extra weight your body becomes accustomed to.”  – Katie, MI

Find out more about the It’s You Babe Mini Cradle on our web site.

Pregnant teacher finds back pain relief

We love providing our products to pregnant bloggers.  So glad we were able to help Brooke, an energetic preschool teacher, find “tremendous relief” for her back and hip pain during her 3rd trimester with our Prenatal Cradle maternity support:

I especially love this product when I go on walks; it really feels like someone is holding up the weight of my belly!

See the full review at My Springfield Mommy:

“I wish I had one for my other pregnancies”

I gave a Prenatal Cradle to my friend and hair dresser a few weeks ago.  Wasn’t even certain she was buying into the idea of wearing one of our products but this was her 3rd child and she was having a lot of back pain.

Well, I just ran into her at school yesterday when picking up the kids and she couldn’t stop talking about how glad she was that she has it!

I had an appoint with a chiropractor that I ended up cancelling because, after putting on the cradle, I have no more back pain.

YAY!  I was SO excited to hear all the great things she had to say.

Best Cradle brings pain relief and more energy during 3rd pregnancy

Senior Contributor at, Stephanie Adler and Family

We sent Stephanie Adler, Senior Contributor at Mommy’s Block Party, an It’s You Babe Best Cradle to help support her tummy during her 3rd pregnancy. She writes:

I am finally getting through my day without pain and have more energy to run everyone around.

She’s described the comfort and pain relief our full product line provides pregnant moms in her extensive review.

Win a Best Cradle!
As part of their review, is giving readers a chance to win a Best Cradle. Visit the site and enter the giveaway before March 17th!

Best Cradle brings relief to mom carrying twins

We get so much pleasure hearing from pregnant moms who are getting relief when they are using our products.

If Prenatal Cradle pregnancy support garments are helping you as you work and play, let us know about it and we’ll include your comments right here in It’s You Babe’s Feel Better blog.

I am currently 7 months pregnant with twins and have been wearing the “Best Cradle” for 2 months so far. It has been a life saver! The support that is has provided me has truly kept the swelling on my legs and ankles down.

Prenatal Cradle helps reduce ankle swelling during pregnancyIf I am not wearing the cradle I notice immediately! It has also allowed me to continue on with my daily schedule and the doctors have all stated how impressed they are with my progression for a twin pregnancy. They are always pleased to see when I have my support on.

Thank you so much for this amazing product!!

~~ Stephanie, October 2011

Photo Credit: Sebastian Fissore: