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“I can not live without my It’s You Baby Hip Brace. This brings me such relief. If you have pelvic pain, you NEED a hip brace!” – Samantha, CA

“When discussing some lower pelvic pain with my midwife this pregnancy, she told me my pelvis was starting to separate, which can happen for some women. She recommended this hip brace for me and I wear it at night. What a difference! I can turn over in bed without pain and I am much less sore during the day even though I only wear it at night. I wear it completely below the baby belly, where most of my pelvic pain is anyway. It’s easy enough to get into; the elastic is in a continuous circle so I need to step into it but adjusting the velcro is very easy. I just wear it to where it’s comfortably snug. The velcro is incredibly strong and sturdy and I’ve had no problems with it coming undone or slipping and I’ve been wearing this every night for about a month. I know there are other conditions this hip brace can be worn for but this has been so wonderful for pregnancy. I am currently 33 weeks and will most likely wear it to the very end. The difference in my daytime comfort after beginning to wear this has been incredible. And it’s nice to know that my pelvic separation has been stabilized.”

This review is from: It’s You Babe Hip Brace, Medium (40″ – 48″ Hip Size) (Amazon Health and Beauty)

Product Description

This hip support belt gives compression to the pelvic cradle and sacroiliac (or SI Joints). Useful for hip pain and instability, it also functions to reduce post operative swelling following abdominoplasty, tummy tuck or Pfannenstiel incision.Has been used to reduce pain and swelling during recovery after hysterectomy.

  • Hip Stabilizer
  • S.I. Belt
  • Trochanter Belt
  • Post-Surgical Incision Compression
HipBrace Size Hip Measurement
Petite 24-32″ 61-81 cm
Small 32-40″ 81-102 cm
Medium 40-48″ 102-122 cm
Large 48-56″ 122-142 cm

Additional Information


Large Hip Size: 48″ – 56″, Medium Hip Size: 40″ – 48″, Petite Hip size: 24″ – 32″, Small Hip Size: 32″ – 40″