“Absolutely Amazed…”

A mom in pain needed to find a better maternity support:

I am 35 weeks pregnant and have been having incredible pain for a couple of months now in my SI joints, hips, IT bands, low back. The pain has been so intense I have been in tears and trying everything including other braces. Eventually with nothing working I decided to search for another brace that wasn’t just under my tummy but also over my shoulders to help lift and provide support in my entire hip and core area. I honestly have never sent in a review for a product off the internet until now!!

I have been wearing it (BEST Cradle) for several days now and I am absolutely amazed how much the brace is helping me! I can stand up, bend, walk and even sit without being in tears! Your brace is what every pregnant woman should have on hand so they don’t have to suffer! I have already told many friends and wish I could tell all women out there! I just had to tell your company how wonderful your product is!! Love the Best Cradle !!!!!!! ~ Allison

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