Teacher finds our Prenatal Cradle relieves back pain

Teachers on their feet ALL DAY can benefit from the support of our Prenatal Cradle:

…I like the support alot. The few days I try to get by not wearing it my back ends up hurting! All of the teachers I work with who’ve had their kids say they wish they’d had this around years ago!  Thanks, Janelle B.

Janelle, we appreciate you taking the time to tell us how Prenatal Cradle has helped you relief your back pain while you are teaching. Mothers to be who are on their feet all day are our biggest fans — sales clerks, hair stylists, health care workers, and others who stand all day or do a lot of walking find our full line of pregnancy support garments provide pain relief during their pregnancies and are comfortable to wear.

One thought on “Teacher finds our Prenatal Cradle relieves back pain

  1. I wore my Best Cradle 24×7 for the last 8 weeks of my 2nd pregnancy, even to bed for turning over at night. It only came off for washing. It’s weird, but when I had it on it seemed like I was feeling good, then if I took it off the pain would quickly return. On, no pain. Off, pain. Seemed simple to me. This is a great product!

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