Honey, Rub My Feet!

Foot massage can help relieve swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy

Swollen ankles are common for pregnant moms and foot massage is often an effective form of relief when it’s coupled with other adjustments to your lifestyle during your pregnancy. Ankle swelling may also be accompanied by your shoes becoming tight. You may be “forced” to buy those new shoes you’ve been eyeing (hehehe) to accommodate the one-half to full-size increase in your shoe size especially during your third trimester.

The good news is that you have a perfectly sound medical reason to say, “Honey, would you please rub my feet?” If your hubby says he’d rather watch the football game, just wave this advice from Mayo Clinic at him.

Rarely are swollen feet and ankles a major problem during pregnancy and the condition usually subsides once your baby is born, but it’s wise to arm yourself with a full set of things you can do and signs to watch for when swelling can indicate something serious. These online resources will help:

Advice from NHS in the United Kingdom:
Swollen ankles, feet and fingers during pregnancy

Swollen extremities (edema) during pregnancy

Edema During Pregnancy (Swollen Ankles and Feet)

Prenatal Cradle products by It’s You Babe helps relieve the pressure on the lower extremities any may help you reduce the amount of swelling you have in your feet and ankles. Talk with your local dealer or give us a call at 1-877-661-9682 to find out more.

Pregnant and on your feet all day?

Back pain and swollen ankles can find relief with Prenatal Cradle products

Prenatal Cradle products provide relief for pregnant women who have careers that keep them on their feet all day. Cashiers, hairdressers, nurses, and others find our handcrafted supports improve their comfort during their pregnancies. Women call us to say their ankles aren’t as swollen and their back pain is significantly reduced.

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