“I wish I had one for my other pregnancies”

I gave a Prenatal Cradle to my friend and hair dresser a few weeks ago.  Wasn’t even certain she was buying into the idea of wearing one of our products but this was her 3rd child and she was having a lot of back pain.

Well, I just ran into her at school yesterday when picking up the kids and she couldn’t stop talking about how glad she was that she has it!

I had an appoint with a chiropractor that I ended up cancelling because, after putting on the cradle, I have no more back pain.

YAY!  I was SO excited to hear all the great things she had to say.

3 thoughts on ““I wish I had one for my other pregnancies”

  1. I have had four pregnancies and felt like I had pulled ligaments for the first three. The Prenatal Cradle gives needed support and prevents the strain from the weight of the baby. I strongly recommend this product for anyone who is pregnant!

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