Heart to Heart: Mother’s Bond before Birth

Learn how The American Heart Association is
Encouraging Pregnant Women to stay heart healthy

A key to heart health during pregnancy is maintaining proper blood circulation.
It’s You Babe’s Best Cradle and Prenatal Cradles support the tummy to ease pressure on veins bringing blood to the heart. Swollen ankles, feet and legs can be reduced making pregnancy more comfortable for moms-to-be.

I am currently 7 months pregnant with twins and have been wearing the Best Cradle for 2 months so far. It has been a life saver! The support … has truly kept the swelling on my legs and ankles down. If I am not wearing the cradle I notice immediately! It has also allowed me to continue on with my daily schedule and the doctors have all stated how impressed they are with my progression for a twin pregnancy … Thank you so much for this amazing product!!
— Stephanie G. from Maryland

Discover theheart to heart connectionbetween mothers andunborn babies
from the University of RochesterMedical Center, New York

Learn more aboutGo Red for Women

It’s You Babe Maternity Supports are recommended by healthcare professionals to bring comfort and relief from aches and pains to moms-to-be:

Best Cradle
Prenatal Cradle
Prenatal Cradle Plus
Mini Cradle
Hip Brace
Hip V2 Supporter
V2 Supporter

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Tell Us Your StoryWe’d love to hear about your heart health during pregnancy. Your experience with our It’s You Babe maternity supports may help others find relief from medical conditions and pain. Leave a comment (below) we can share with other moms-to-be. Thank You!

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