“The Wait and the Reward”

The Wait and the Reward by Anna Rose Bain

"Self Portrait with Red Lipstick" by Anna Rose BainThis wonderful oil painting on linen caught our eye because it epitomizes the women we serve with our maternity supports.

Home-schooled then classically trained at Michigan’s own Hillsdale College, Anna Rose Bain resides with her husband, Steve, in Garland Texas now, but she was raised in Wisconsin. She writes on her Facebook page:

“Okay… I am putting this one out there. It’s a self portrait I started while pregnant (about 34 weeks), and couldn’t complete until little miss Cecelia arrived. The peek-a-boo bear in the bottom right-hand corner was my husband’s when he was a kid.”

You can see/purchase her original paintings at www.artworkbyannarose.com or purchase greeting cards and reproductions of “The Wait and the Reward” at FineArtAmerica.com