Tips for Relieving Edema During Pregnancy

At some point during pregnancy, practically every woman will experience edema. Edema is a scary-sounding word that, simply defined, means swelling. A pregnant woman’s body creates extra blood to nourish the baby, and as added fluid accumulates in her blood vessels, it makes sense that some would seep into the tissues causing her legs and ankles to become puffy. Gravity pulls those excess fluids down inside the body to the lower extremities, as the forward weight of pregnancy can bear down, slowing the flow of circulation back to her heart.

There are some simple, effective ways to help reduce the ache and discomfort of edema.

  • Prop your feet up — You can fight the effects of gravity on edema by placing your feet and legs at an incline. This forces those extra fluids back into circulation.
  • Move around — Extended periods of inaction can cause excess fluids to “pool up” in the feet. Exercise regularly and safely, as recommended by your health professional.
  • Drink water — Water helps flush out your body and carries nutrients to your baby.
  • Watch your caffeine — A high level of caffeine consumption can be dangerous.
  • Wear a maternity support belt — Pregnancy belly bands, sold by It’s You Babe, gently lift the weight of the baby without pulling down on the shoulders. This takes some of the pressure off the legs, helping to ease swelling.
  • If you have puffiness in your face and hands that does not go away, check it out with your health professional.

Edema usually disappears after birth, as the body rids itself of the fluid it no longer needs. But there’s no need to suffer needlessly. Use these tips to make you feel better.

Relief in Sight for Swelling During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it’s normal to experience puffy feet and ankles. The body retains extra blood and fluids required to nourish her growing baby.. Up to twenty-five percent of weight gained during pregnancy consists of this extra fluid.

The medical term for this swelling is edema. It tends to begin around the fifth month of pregnancy, but can occur during the third trimester. This can be an uncomfortable condition, sometimes even restricting movement in the affected areas and should be reported to one’s health provider.

Sometimes the ache and discomfort of edema in the ankles and feet can be reduced by wearing a maternity belt from It’s You Babe. Recommended by health professionals, these support devices gently lift the belly off returning veins, redistribute the added weight, and promote better circulation while providing comfort and relief.

The Best Cradle is perfect for women carrying twins or triplets. Soft elastics lift the belly, relieve pelvic strain, and reduce swelling in the legs and ankles.

The Prenatal Cradle provides orthotic support for the belly and the back. This belt also helps ease the discomfort of edema by taking the weight off the legs and redistributing that baby weight bearing down in front.

The Embracing Belly Boostier fits high nesting into the lumbar region of the back, without any kind of shoulder straps. This provides maximum lift for the abdomen and excellent respite from the effects of swelling in the ankles, legs, and feet.

The It’s You Babe selection of maternity support belts incorporates an open abdomen design, which allows the stomach area to remain cool and comfortable. Since they lie flat, they can be worn under any clothing or lingerie. It’s You Babe maternity support belts allow wearers to finally get comfort back into their lives, even during the third trimester of pregnancy!