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A Babe is Born in Michigan

With warm summer sun streaming through the windows of an office in northern Michigan, somethingmiraculous happened on the morning of August 1, 2011. A new babe was born on this day destined to support the pregnant women and those with pelvic floor issues, easing aches and pains often accompanying pregnancies and lifting POPs the world over!

IT’S YOU BABE® LLC has been establishing its global footprint since 2011 to support an active lifestyle for those who are pregnant, non-pregnant and post-menopausal.  Product assembly and packaging is accomplished through the It’s You Babe facility in ‘Pure’ Michigan from materials sourced in the US. 

Christine Seering, our founder, has a Masters degree in nursing and over 25 years experience in designing and manufacturing support garments for women.  She has collaborated with doctors, nurses, pelvic floor therapist and other professionals in obtaining feedback that helped shape the final design of our medical grade supports.

It’s You Babe is honored to have received many awards over the years.  Recently, we were privileged to be recipient of the coveted Mom’s Choice Award as well as the seal of approval from the Family Review Center.  This year, we were thrilled to have been awarded First Place standing in a Maternity Support for 2022 by Baby and Children’s Product News. 

Our V2 Supporter has been published in the Ob/Gyn Green Journal.  Also, please note that It’s You Babe® pelvic supports adhere to the new clinical practice guidelines published in the Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy.


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It's You Babe, LLC

It’s You Babe, LLC, is a ‘Pure Michigan’ based manufacturer of all It’s You Babe® medical grade prenatal and non-pregnancy supports including baby belly bands, back braces,  pelvic floor supports and hip braces.