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A Babe is Born in Michigan

With warm summer sun streaming through the windows of an office in northern Michigan, somethingmiraculous happened on the morning of August 1, 2011. A new babe was born on this day destined to support the pregnant women and those with pelvic floor issues, easing aches and pains often accompanying pregnancies and lifting POPs the world over!

It’s You Babe® is the brainchild of Christine and Darrell Seering. While the pregnancy lasted longer than those for human babies, they didn’t have to attend Lamaze classes, buy a year’s supply of diapers, or paint the spare bedroom. But they did have to make some life changes because this baby requires its own care and feeding.

While neither complained or screamed in agony, the contractions lasted a long time and were shared equally. With no help from doctors, nurses, midwives or pain medications, the birth was witnessed by an attentive staff who catered to their every whim including some calls for “More coffee!” and “Chocolate. I need chocolate!”

Along with coordinated efforts of an extremely efficient and hardworking staff It’s You Babe® arrived in good health and is exactly what the pelvic floor therapists recommended, along with what the OB/Gyn doctors ordered to support pregnant moms and their future unborn babies. Each product in their full line of supports is handcrafted to address pelvic floor issues, or back pain, round ligament straining, sciatica and many of the other discomforts expectant moms feel as their babies grow inside them.

As the premier manufacturer of It’s You Babe® Prenatal Cradle products, the Seerings have a long history of providing the maternity market’s boutiques and large retailers with expertly sewn garments and exceptional customer service as they fulfill orders received from the USA, Canada, Europe and beyond.

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It's You Babe, LLC

It’s You Babe, LLC, is a ‘Pure Michigan’ based manufacturer of all It’s You Babe® medical grade prenatal and non-pregnancy supports including baby belly bands, back braces and pelvic floor supports.

Chris Seering

Chris Seering has a Master's Degree in nursing and manages It's You Babe, LLC, with her husband.

Darrell Seering

A retired state trooper, who traded in his badge for a tape measure and pair of scissors.