Six reasons to wear an It’s You Babe prenatal belly band


  1. MOST PREGNANT WOMEN EXPERIENCE PAIN: About three out of every four women complain of back pain during pregnancy, and more than half mention pain in the pelvic girdle. To support the baby bump and lower back during activities, a high quality belly band relieves discomfort and overall pelvic and back pain.

2. RELAXIN SOFTENS JOINTS  During pregnancy, the hormone relaxin causes hips and tendons to become soft and loosen to prepare the female body for birth. This process frequently results in SI joint pain that is sharp and can be excruciating where the tailbone meets the lower back.  A high quality belly band or brace can support and stabilize the joint to prevent pain during activities.

3. REDUCES ROUND LIGAMENT PAIN: Pregnant women often describe round ligament pain as an ache or sharp pain in front of the hip under the belly. This happens when extra weight from enlarging uterus puts pressure and pull on the ligaments that normally support a woman’s core. These bands double as needed support for core muscles.

4. SUPPORT DURING EXERCISE: What woman would go for a run without wearing a sports bra? It’s the same thing when toting a growing belly. A belly band supports with gentle compression to offer comfort and stability to the uterus, assisting mom to stay physically active.  She will want to avoid compression from pressing in on the belly.  Too much compression can cause heartburn and indigestion or impaired circulation.

5. IMPROVES POSTURE:  As a high quality belly band supports the back and torso, it actually improves posture, reducing the need to counter balance.  Counter balancing happens when a woman adjusts her posture enough to offset the increase weight load of a growing baby ~ The effects of counter balance are sometimes referred to as “swayback or lordosis.”

6. AFTER BABY IS BORN:  As muscles return to normal, a core support helps minimize any separation of abdominal muscles (a condition called diastasis recti). A good support brings core muscles together with exercise to strengthen the back and pelvic floor post delivery.


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“Absolutely Amazed…”

A mom in pain needed to find a better maternity support:

I am 35 weeks pregnant and have been having incredible pain for a couple of months now in my SI joints, hips, IT bands, low back. The pain has been so intense I have been in tears and trying everything including other braces. Eventually with nothing working I decided to search for another brace that wasn’t just under my tummy but also over my shoulders to help lift and provide support in my entire hip and core area. I honestly have never sent in a review for a product off the internet until now!!

I have been wearing it (BEST Cradle) for several days now and I am absolutely amazed how much the brace is helping me! I can stand up, bend, walk and even sit without being in tears! Your brace is what every pregnant woman should have on hand so they don’t have to suffer! I have already told many friends and wish I could tell all women out there! I just had to tell your company how wonderful your product is!! Love the Best Cradle !!!!!!! ~ Allison

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