Moms-To-Be LOVE the Prenatal Cradle

Anatomy of a Prenatal CradleThe It’s You Babe Prenatal Cradle is designed to support your tummy as if you were cradling it with your hands. Soft, gentle lift and support without compression allows you to wear the garment all day long. Some women like to even wear the Prenatal Cradle to bed at night for support while tossing and turning from side to side.

Many women don’t realize the full support of the Prenatal Cradle until they have taken it off and the aches and pains return. This means the garment is working as designed!

We are often asked about the shoulder straps and why they are there. The shoulder straps simply hold the points of sewing in place and are not designed to pull down on your shoulders or lift up your tummy. The lift and support comes from all the other flannel backed elastic straps which also add support on the sides of your tummy. I like to call it ‘full surround support’. Everything put together will improve your posture, reduce ankle and leg swelling, enhance circulation and give you more energy to get through your day!

Watch our video to see how easy it is to put the Prenatal Cradle and the Best Cradle on.

Pregnant and on your feet all day?

Back pain and swollen ankles can find relief with Prenatal Cradle products

Prenatal Cradle products provide relief for pregnant women who have careers that keep them on their feet all day. Cashiers, hairdressers, nurses, and others find our handcrafted supports improve their comfort during their pregnancies. Women call us to say their ankles aren’t as swollen and their back pain is significantly reduced.

If you have first-hand experience with our products, we’d like you to help us get the word out to other mothers-to-be by posting your comments here so others can find out just how our products have helped you get through the days as you work. Thanks!