Best Cradle

SizePant Size
Support Band Measurement
Small3 – 1030″ – 43″  or  76 cm – 109 cm
Medium8 – 1636″ – 52″  or  91 cm – 132 cm
Large14 – 2043″ – 58″  or  109 cm – 147 cm


“I am currently 7 months pregnant with twins and have been wearing the “Best Cradle” for 2 months so far.  It has been a life saver!  The support that is has provided me has truly kept the swelling on my legs and ankles down.  If I am not wearing the cradle I notice immediately? It has also allowed me to continue on with my daily schedule and the doctors have all stated how impressed they are with my progression for a twin pregnancy.  They are always pleased to see when I have my support on.  Thank you so much for this amazing product!!”  Stephanie from Wash, D.C.
“Thanks for all the help! I went to the local store here and tried on a bunch.  Ended up going with the adjustable Best Cradle in a Small.  It was perfect! My race today went great, I had a lot less discomfort than I have been having on training runs with no support.  I did have a bunch of Braxton hicks contractions, which was a surprise!  The best cradle alleviated most of the pressure I was feeling, and miraculously, my hemorrhoids didn’t bother me at all…just wearing the cradle for a couple days before the race really helped those heal too! I’m so thankful for your product, I plan on wearing it daily for the rest of my pregnancy”  Amanda
Best Cradle feedback:“my daughter was expecting identical twins… the twins were born at 37 weeks…  both 6 pounds and in good health.  My daughter was active up until the day of delivery and said she could not have stood the weight or the pressure without the cradle.  She gained about 50 pounds and had no swelling of her feet or ankles, very little back pain and no episodes of preterm labor.”  G.L . CNM


  • Perfect for twins & triplets
  • Gently improves posture while easing back discomfort
  • Surrounding support lifts weight from the pelvis improving circulation and reducing leg and ankle swelling
  • Soft, flexible and comfortable elastics lay flat for no bulk under clothing
  • Open abdomen is cool and comfortable
  • Hook & eye closures offer soft, flexible, secure fit
  • Adjustable non-shoulder bearing straps allow for a perfect fit
  • Recommended by healthcare professionals

The Best Cradle offers fully adjustable Orthotic Support for Abdominal and Back Straining. Also eases pain from Hip Separation and Pubic Symphysis.

LIFTS AND SUPPORTS: Discreetly provides gentle relief from an increasing weight bearing load by surrounding the abdomen with ergonomic lift to improve posture and continue an active lifestyle.

MADE WITH CARE: Tailored with her needs in mind – For proper sizing, measure around the back and belly where the support bands will fit and refer to the sizing chart to select the correct size.

SAFE TO WEAR: Promotes circulation and reduces swelling of lower extremities – safe to sleep in for both mother and baby.

COMFORTABLE: Latex-free with flannel backing, adjustable with bra slides and hook & eye adjustments provides 24-hour comfort.

ORIGINAL PATENTED DESIGN: The Best Cradle patented design reduces unwanted stretch marks and promotes the lengthening of gestational periods – perfect for back ache and discomforts often felt during pregnancy.

RECOMMENDED: Doctors, midwives and physical therapists recommend the Best Cradle for mild to high risk issues and discomforts for single and multiple pregnancies leading up to childbirth.

MULTIPLE BIRTHS: Recommended by Twiniversity the leading authority on twins for moms expecting multiples.

HAND TAILORED: Original award winning patented design – proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. by It’s You Babe, LLC, an FDA registered Michigan business.

The Best Cradle prenatal baby belly band was designed by a medical professional for moms who want to be comfortable and supported during day to day activities. Perfect for twins and single pregnancies, this FDA registered lumbar orthosis relieves pain from backache and ligament strains.  As the Best Cradle fortifies a woman’s core muscles, it lifts weight to soothe hip and pubic symphysis pain as it reinforces the lower back.  This pregnancy support belt redistributes the weight and grows with a mama’s bump, providing incredible relief and comfort while on her feet. Wear under clothing.  Made in USA.  Three sizes include Small through Large and fits 90-250 pounds. Please follow the sizing guide in selecting the proper size and fit.

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It’s You Babe manufactures maternity support wear designed to alleviate the aches and pains that accompany pregnancy. Our hand tailored support products are designed to reduce stretch marks, alleviate back pain, ligament straining, sciatica, and many other aches and discomforts expecting mothers experience. Best Cradle maternity wear lifts and supports but never compresses the body or baby; it is recommended by obstetricians,  midwives and physical therapists during pregnancy and post delivery.

Proudly manufactured and inspected in Michigan from materials from the U.S.A. Don’t settle for a counterfeit product that looks like ours. Our business is maternity supports and ensuring that expecting mothers and the babies in their bumps receive the comfort they deserve.

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