Prenatal Cradle, Full Torso Medical Grade Belly Band for Pregnancy Support & Back Pain Relief | FSA/HSA/HRA Eligible Maternity Support Belt | Award Winning

” I loved how it kept the weight off of my sciatic nerve! Nothing was more painful than sciatica”  Kylins mom

” I am just pleased as punch to start carrying these.  I had my child 7 yrs ago and my 4th child 5 yrs ago.  This product saved my life.”   Sudie, Kansas.




Product Description

Prenatal Cradle maternity wear lifts and supports but never compresses the body or baby.  Recommended by doctors, midwives, and nurses.

About the Prenatal Cradle 

LIFTS AND SUPPORTS: Discreetly provides gentle relief from an increasing weight bearing load by surrounding the abdomen with ergonomic lift to improve posture and continue an active lifestyle.

MADE WITH CARE: Tailored with her needs in mind – For proper sizing, measure around the back and belly where the support bands will fit and refer to the sizing chart to select the correct size.

SAFE TO WEAR: Promotes circulation and reduces swelling of lower extremities – safe to sleep in for both mother and baby.

COMFORTABLE: Latex-free with flannel backing, supports pregnancies up to 350 lbs and the comfort fit “lay flat” design has no adjusting hardware to snag clothing.

ORIGINAL AWARD WINNING PATENTED DESIGN: The Prenatal Cradle design reduces unwanted stretch marks and its ergonomic lift encourages longer gestational periods.

RECOMMENDED: Doctors, midwives & physical therapists recommend the Prenatal Cradle for mild to high risk issues and discomforts and for single pregnancies.

HAND TAILORED: Original award winning patented design – proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. by It’s You Babe, LLC, an FDA registered Michigan business.

The Prenatal Cradle offers ergonomic support

for patients who have pendulous abdomens and symptoms of:

  • Back pain
  • Abdominal straining
  • Painful hip separation
  • Painful pubic symphysis
  • Lordosis Sciatica
Please follow the sizing guide in selecting the proper size and fit. We have 9 sizes to choose from, from extra-petite to tall medium (women over 5’10”) and we have the perfect size for mom and baby.
Prenatal Cradle
Cradle Size Support Band Measurement Current Pregnancy Weight Pant Size*
Extra-Petite 32-36″ 81 – 91 cm 90-125 lbs 40-56 kg 0-3
Petite 34-40″ 86-102 cm 125-145 lbs 56-66 kg 3-6
Small 36-42″ 91-107 cm 145-175 lbs 66-80 kg 7-10
Medium 39-45″ 99-114 cm 175-200 lbs 80-90 kg 10-14
Med-Large 41-47″ 104-119 cm 200-250 lbs 90-112 kg 14-18
Large 43-50″ 109-127 cm 250-300 lbs 112-136 kg 18-24
Extra Large 45-52″ 114-132 cm 300-350 lbs 136-158 kg 24-28
Tall/Small** 36-42″ 91-107 cm 145-200 lbs 56-90 kg 10-14
Tall/Medium** 39-45″ 99-114 cm 200-250 lbs 90-112 kg 14-18
**Tall sizes are for women 5’10” or taller                                 *Before pregnancy
 It’s You Babe is managed by the original designer of Prenatal Cradle maternity support wear created to alleviate the aches and pains that accompany pregnancy. Our hand tailored support products are designed to reduce stretch marks, alleviate back pain, ligament straining, sciatica, and many other aches and discomforts expecting mothers experience.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs

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