8. Prenatal Cradle Plus

“I don’t normally write testimonials, but this product literally did improve my quality of life!! With the vulvar varicosities, I was having difficulty walking and had pains that radiated everywhere in my pelvic floor. Once I started wearing the brace, I felt immediately better. I was able to move around freely and enjoy my day to day activities which I could not before (my husband was a much happier camper too!). The brace is easy to put on and very comfortable and also does not need to be removed when going to the restroom. I would highly recommend this brace to any woman who is dealing with vulvar varicosities and/or pelvic floor pain. You won’t be disappointed I promise.”  – Sandra, FL

Product Description

Combines the benefits of the V2 Supporter and the Prenatal Cradle for pelvic floor therapy.

About the Prenatal Cradle Plus

  • Doctor recommended
  • Patented design supports back and abdomen
  • Gently improves posture while easing many discomforts
  • May be worn with regular lingerie
  • Based on the most natural stance of a woman with child
  • Completely adjustable, even through clothing
  • Machine washable, flannel-backed
  • Practical – no need to remove for toileting
  • Strong and effective
  • Available in regular and tall sizes
Prenatal Cradle Plus
Cradle Size Support Band Measurement Current Pregnancy Weight Pant Size*
Extra-Petite 32-36″ 81 – 91 cm 90-125 lbs 40-56 kg 0-3
Petite 34-40″ 86-102 cm 125-145 lbs 56-66 kg 3-6
Small 36-42″ 91-107 cm 145-175 lbs 66-80 kg 7-10
Medium 39-45″ 99-114 cm 175-200 lbs 80-90 kg 10-14
Med-Large 41-47″ 104-119 cm 200-250 lbs 90-112 kg 14-18
Large 43-50″ 109-127 cm 250-300 lbs 112-136 kg 18-24
Extra Large 45-52″ 114-132 cm 300-350 lbs 136-158 kg 24-28
Tall/Small** 36-42″ 91-107 cm 145-200 lbs 56-90 kg 10-14
Tall/Medium** 39-45″ 99-114 cm 200-250 lbs 90-112 kg 14-18
**Tall sizes are for women 5’10” or taller *Before pregnancy