7. V2 Supporter, Pelvic Floor Therapy

“I am 17 weeks pregnant, and things had been so bad for me I seriously thought I would end up in a wheelchair by the end of the pregnancy… Thank God a friend of mine whose SIL had it told me about vulvar compression garment called V2 Supporter. It’s sold in medical supply stores, or online. I almost cried with happiness when I got mine. After weeks of excruciating pain I was able to function normally through the day. … I hope no woman has to suffer from this without support ever again.”  Marceli-Retrieved February 20, 2015 from http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-living/pregnancy-week-by-week/expert-blog/vulvar-varicosities/BGP-20055755.

Product Description

  • Pelvic floor support
  • For the feeling “everything is going to fall out the bottom
  • Ease pain & swelling from vulvar varicosities
  • Supports prolapsed bladder & prolapsed uterus

V2 Supporter
recommended for vulvar varicosities, prolapsed bladder, prolapsed uterus

V2 Supporter
Size Hip Measurement
Petite 24″ – 28″ 61 cm -71 cm
Small 28″ – 35″ 71 cm -89 cm
Medium 36″ – 44″ 91 cm – 112 cm
Large 45″ – 54″ 114 cm -137 cm

Additional Information


Large Pant Size: 20-28; Weight (current): 190-Over, Medium Pant Size: 13-18; Weight (current): 166-190, Petite Pant Size: 0-5; Weight (current): 90-135, Small Pant Size: 6-12; Weight (current): 126-165