Hug My Hips™ Pelvic Belt



Hug My Hips
SizeHip Measurement
Petite24″ – 32″61 cm – 81 cm
Small32″ – 40″81 cm – 102 cm
Medium40″ – 48″102 cm – 122 cm
Large48″ – 56″122 cm – 142 cm
  • Sacroiliac belt
  • Postpartum pelvic belt
  • Relieve hip pain
  • Stabilize pelvis
  • Reduce swelling
  • Use after C-section

LIFTS AND SUPPORTS: Stabilizes the hips and provides relief from laxity, sacroiliac pain, hip separation, sciatica, pubic symphysis separation, and post-op swelling.

CRAFTED WITH CARE: Made in Michigan and designed as a solution to stabilize the hips and alleviate mild to moderate hip discomfort.

COMFORTABLE: Latex-free with flannel backing, adjustable with Velcro adjustments provides comfort when needed. Four sizes are available to fit hips from 24” to 56”.

COMPRESSION THERAPY: Excellent compression therapy for postpartum pelvic pain and laxity, sacroiliac pain and instability, improves post-surgical (post-c-section) wound healing by supporting the incision area and stabilizing while up and about for a less painful recovery.

HAND TAILORED: Original award-winning design is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. by It’s You Babe, LLC.


The Hug My Hips™ pelvic belt provides targeted support to the pelvic cradle and sacroiliac (or SI Joints) reducing hip pain and instability.

The Hug My Hips™ is an SI belt for non-pregnant, pregnant, and postpartum individuals to stabilize and relieve hip pain.  The Hug My Hips™ also reduces post operative swelling following hysterectomy, abdominoplasty, tummy tuck or Pfannenstiel incision.

  • Postpartum pelvic belt
  • Compression therapy for pelvis
  • Stabilizes sacroiliac joints using medical grade materials
  • Eases pain from hip separation
  • Relieve joint stress
  • Promotes optimal function during daily activities
  • Stabilizes sacrum to support and protect the back, hips and legs
  • Post-surgical incision compression
  • Made in USA

It’s You Babe® is the manufacturer of maternity, postpartum, and pelvic support braces designed to alleviate  aches and pains. Our Hug My Hips support garment is designed to be worn as a postpartum pelvic belt.  It reduces the discomfort of Sacroiliac pain, hip separation, sciatica, pubic symphysis pain and post-operative swelling.

The Hug My Hips™ brace is ideal as a postpartum pelvic belt, or the active individual with mild to moderate hip dysplasia. Please follow our sizing guide to assist in selecting the proper size and fit. We have 4 sizes to choose from small to large for a perfect fit.

Hug My Hips™
SizeHip Measurement
Petite24″ – 32″61 cm – 81 cm
Small32″ – 40″81 cm – 102 cm
Medium40″ – 48″102 cm – 122 cm
Large48″ – 56″122 cm – 142 cm

Proudly manufactured and inspected in Michigan from materials from the U.S.A. Don’t settle for an imposter product that looks like ours. Our business is maternity support and ensuring expecting mothers and the babies in their bump the comfort they deserve. We support women throughout all stages of life.

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