Basic Belly Boostier

 The Basic Belly Boostier is ideal for the mother-to-be with mild to moderate pregnancy discomforts. Please follow our sizing guide to assist in selecting the proper size and fit. The Basic Belly Boostier comes in 4 sizes (Petite to Large) for a perfect fit for mom and her baby.

 Proudly manufactured and inspected in Michigan from materials from the U.S.A. Don’t settle for an imposter product that looks like ours. Our business is maternity support and ensuring expecting mothers and the babies in their bump the comfort they deserve.

Basic Belly Boostier
SizeSupport Band Measurement
Petite24″ – 30″61 cm – 77 cm
Small30″ – 36″77 cm – 92 cm
Medium36″ – 42″92 cm – 107 cm
Large42″ – 50″107 cm – 127 cm


The Basic Belly Boostier gently lifts weight with surrounding support to stand straighter and comfortable while walking or standing.

Cool and comfortable, the Basic Belly Boostier is latex free and improves blood flow from the legs and ankles to reduce swelling.
Recommended by obstetricians, midwives, nurses and physical therapists, this award winning, medical grade belt incorporates stretch receiving fabric to make adjusting the band easy and flexible for the best support.

Can be adjusted to wear high in the back for maximum lift as the flannel backed elastic lies flat against the skin and is discreet under clothing.

The Basic Belly Boostier is hand tailored in the north country of pure Michigan from materials sourced in the USA. Don’t settle for a cheap imposter as It’s You Babe is dedicated to providing comfort for mom-to-be and the baby(s) in her bump.

To find the correct size, measure on the body where the band will go and pick from the size chart below. For questions or comments, call toll free: 1-877-661-9682 during office hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Eastern Time)

Features and Benefits:

LIFTS AND SUPPORTS: Discreetly provides gentle relief by surrounding the abdomen with ergonomic lift to improve posture and continue an active lifestyle.

CRAFTED WITH CARE: Tailored with her needs in mind and designed for every pregnancy that is experiencing mild to moderate discomfort – use for postpartum support after C Section procedure.

SAFE TO WEAR: Promotes circulation and reduces swelling of lower extremities – safe to sleep in for both mother and baby.

COMFORTABLE: Latex-free with flannel backing, adjustable with soft stretch adjustments to provide 24-hour comfort. Four sizes range between 24″ to 50″ of support.

ORIGINAL DESIGN: The Basic Belly Boostier design is perfect for back ache and discomforts often felt during pregnancy.

RECOMMENDED: Doctors, midwives and physical therapists recommend the Basic Belly Boostier for relief from back pain. Perfect for the mom-to-be who walks or stands as her baby in the bump grows.

HAND TAILORED: Original award winning design – proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. by It’s You Babe, LLC, an FDA registered Michigan business.

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