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Embracing Belly Boostier, Medical Grade Belly Band for Pregnancy Support & Back Pain Relief | FSA/HSA/HRA Eligible Maternity Support Belt | Award Winning

 Not just for pregnancy…

 “I have had a bad back for over 15 years and have tried a number of therapies with varying success. This simple, straight-forward product (that is very well-made, I might add) provides just the sort of lumbar support that I need. On long days when I’m on my feet for extended periods my back just aches – the Belly Booster provides immediate relief – amazing! If you have lower back problems, this a product that will provide you with a lot of relief. As an added bonus, it helps to improve posture, too! I like that it is adjustable, too!”  Sarah S

  • From the designer of the Prenatal Cradle the patented Embracing Belly Boostier naturally curves down over the hips to provide incredibly comfortable support to relieve back pain, strains and spasms
  • The Embracing Belly Boostier lifts weight with surrounding support to stand straighter and more comfortable while walking or standing
  • Cool and comfortable, the Embracing Belly Boostier improves blood flow from the legs and ankles to reduce swelling
  • Can be adjusted to wear high in the back for maximum lift as the flannel backed elastic lies flat against the skin and is discreet under clothing
  • Lightweight, easy to use & adjust for maximum comfort & support
  • For pregnancy, maternity & chronic back pain
  • Open design keeps you cool & supported
  • So comfortable, you’ll want to wear it all day
  • Optional rib belt included

Product Description

The Embracing Belly Boostier is hand tailored in the north country of pure Michigan from materials sourced in the USA.

  • Recommended by obstetricians, midwives, nurses and physical therapists, this award winning design incorporates stretch receiving fabric to make adjusting the band easy and flexible for the best support
  • The Embracing Belly Boostier is medical grade,  latex free and nestles high in the lumbar region of the spine (L1-L5)
  • Patented design lifts weight with surrounding support to stand straighter and feel more comfortable while walking or standing

Don’t settle for a cheap imposter as It’s You Babe has spent years perfecting designs to provide comfort and relief for mom-to-be and the baby(s) in her bump.

Click below to see how to put on the patented Embracing Belly Boostier (EBB):

Size according to band measurements:

Embracing  Belly Boostier
SizeSupport Band Measurement
Petite24″ – 32″61 cm – 81 cm
Small30″ – 38″77 cm – 97 cm
Medium36″ – 44″92 cm – 112 cm
Large42″ – 52″107 cm – 132 cm

***If  back pain does not go away, we recommend do not wear and promptly seek care from a medical health professional